We have made the decision to suspend new activities for Digital Shoreditch Festival 2014 pending further discussions with all partners.

As you may be aware, the production of the festival as well as community activities is a tremendous undertaking requiring liberal amounts of leadership, management, communication, logistics, content curation, branding, messaging, marketing, sales, technical development not to mention keeping everyone happy etc. etc.

Since 2010 we have lead on all of these and much more, it has been an amazing experience. Last year for us was the pinnacle of what could be achieved with just an idea, to celebrate outstanding creativity – with thousands of people sharing their knowledge, ideas and dreams with thousands more. It’s been one incredible journey and we’re exceptionally grateful for everyone who supported it, specially to you who helped to turn the thought into something real.

But as creative people with high expectations we need to make new things in order to feel alive. We have the need for what we create to be as good or better than the last time. And well after 3 years of Digital Shoreditch, it seems that its time for us to focus our attention onto bringing new perspectives into the mix. To refresh. To ensure we’re super relevant. We want to create completely new types of events and competitions. And most importantly we want the next Digital Shoreditch Festival, whether its in 2015 or 2016 to be even better and bigger than 2013.


With this in mind, if you’d like to join us in the adventure going forward please let us know through http://digitalshoreditch.com/contact/